Helping Hens

Deployment Locations: Musale Kings Trust School; Siumbeumbe Village


In early 2018, we worked with Sepiso Mbindo, the head teacher at Musale Kings Trust School, to partially subsidize an egg incubator. This incubator would be used to produce young chicks which would then be sold at a local market for K25 (about $2.50). The resulting funds would then be put back into the school to help pay teachers, improve the grounds, and create a safer environment for the children.


The project took off; generating enough funding to put teachers on a full salary, build a playground, purchase new desks, paint the entire school, eliminate the financial burden of tuition on nearly half of their most vulnerable students, pay off all remaining debt on the incubator, and even upgrade to a new, larger one. The school has since started breeding quails, a local delicacy, for sale to hotels and other bulk buyers.

Moving Forward

Sepiso has been able to expand her egg incubator project substantially, generating enough revenue to begin growing Musale Kings Trust. Thanks to their little chickens and quails, they have been able to build an additional four classrooms, two toilets, and a shower. With these new additions, the school will be able to double in size from 104 students to over 200. Out of the anticipated 200+ students, Sepiso estimates nearly 100 will be able to attend tuition-free and the school will collect to construct additional classrooms on the property within the next few years.

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