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When we say that we work to "empower" teachers, students, and schools, we mean that we listen to ideas they have, work with them to iron out the logistics, and provide them with the resources they need to generate lasting change. Each of the projects we approve originate from or are adopted by a community member, school, or nonprofit working in Livingstone and are carried out, in large part, by locals. 

You may be asking, "Why wouldn't you just go over there and build a school?" or "Why do people in Livingstone have to come up with the ideas?" These are fair questions with important answers. Here at SanD/Stone, we understand the value of empowering people to fulfill their own dreams and to see their personal visions become reality before their eyes. Of course, SanD/Stone could go in and build a school ourselves or impose our own projects onto the community, but this takes away an opportunity for a local to make their own mark and difference in their neighborhood. We feel that, by prioritizing local-proposed projects, we are helping give the community the agency it needs to reach its potential.

This doesn't mean that we refuse ideas from non-locals, though. If someone proposes a project that we believe has real potential to leave a lasting impact, we'll ask around and see if there's a school or community partner that would be interested in the project. If we find one, that school or partner will be able to "adopt" the project as their own.


Project Management

Project Evaluation


While each and every one of our projects is executed by a member of the Livingstone community, SanD/Stone still maintains a substantial level of oversight over how our resources are used and ensures that they are being used in an ethical and efficient manner, consistent with the proposed project. 

Our main oversight mechanisms include:

  • Throttled distribution of funds

    • This essentially means that we only distribute funds on an as-needed basis. We never provide the full asking amount in a single payment.

  • Itemized receipt requirements​

    • Whenever we distribute funds, we require that the recipient send us a photo of an itemized receipt​ for the items they purchased. This helps us get a better understanding as to where we are on the budget and helps us ensure that the money is being used ethically. If the total of the receipts provided do not closely match the amount we sent, we will not provide additional funding until the balance is corrected.

  • In-Country check ins​

    • We have friends at a local nonprofit that may occasionally stop by a project site to see how its progressing. If we believe that there is an inconsistency with what our in-country partners are seeing and what we are being told, we will pause fund distribution until the matter is addressed.​

  • Controlled distribution of funds​

    • All funds will be hand-delivered by one of SanD/Stone's volunteers in the area. We do this so we know exactly who is receiving the money and so we can match a name to a face.

  • Photo requirements​

    • Depending on the nature of the project, we may require that the project manager regularly provide us with photos of the project's progress. This would typically be done on a monthly basis, but may be more or less frequent if we believe it to be necessary.​

This list is by no means exhaustive and we may have special requirements based on the nature of any given project.

Each of our projects undergo regular data-reporting and evaluation to determine their effectiveness and level of impact. These typically measure level of enrollment, student and/or teacher retention, tuition rates, generated capital, and public perception of the project. Baseline measurements on all relevant criteria are taken ahead of time and are regularly tracked at appropriate intervals during a project. We also take conduct a cost-benefit analysis and check the final cost with the initially proposed budget to determine if there is any room for improvement.

All reports and evaluations will be published for public review within seven days of their completion.

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