Out with the Cold!

Deployment Locations: Dream School, Highlands Area

About the Project and its Achievements

Thanks to a generous donation from the San Diego State Rotaract Club, we were able to install 18 window panes at a local community school (a school built for the poorest children and managed entirely by volunteers). These panes sealed up the building just before the start of the Winter Term when temperatures in the classroom would regularly reach lows between 45 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit (7-10 degrees Celsius). A cold classroom distracts from learning and can make it difficult for students, especially the youngest ones, to concentrate. By installing these windows, the temperature in the classroom is more moderate and consistent, providing a better quality learning environment for the students.


The SDSU Rotaract Club has notified us that they have nominated SanD/Stone to be a beneficiary again this year! We are excited to see what they'll be helping us with later in May 2019!

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