Project Play Time

Deployment Locations: Various in Livingstone, Zambia

About the Project and its Achievements

In November of 2017, Nick Zalkow, a representative of the Every Kid Plays Foundation, approached the organization with an interest in partnering with SanD/Stone to support the schools and community in Livingstone. Multiple studies, including a 2011 study from South Africa, demonstrate a strong positive correlation between physical fitness and academic performance, making the partnership both rational and in-line with our ultimate goal of helping the kids learn.

At Nick's request, the Every Kid Plays Foundation awarded us with a $2,000 grant to purchase soccer balls, jerseys, swings, jump ropes, and more. In order to truly maximize the effect of this award, we invested an additional $250 dollars to make sure everything arrived in time for the new term. Our partners at Dream Livingstone helped us distribute the equipment to 11 schools and soccer clubs in the region! Check out some of the photos below!


As of March 2019, several schools still proudly use the equipment that was donated as a result of this project during their everyday play time!

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