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Deployment Locations: Various in Livingstone, Zambia

About the Project and its Achievements

One of the biggest issues in Zambia today with respect to education is the government's costly registration and certification requirements for teachers. These certificates only last a couple years and cost, in many cases, more than an entire month's salary. This has led to a revolving door effect among teachers in many schools: they come, teach for as long as they can, and leave when their certification expires because they can't afford to renew it.

We decided to tackle this head-on by starting a fundraising campaign to help these teachers pay their fees and keep them in the classroom. In all, we raised $488 and were able to award three schools funding to help a combined 12 teachers. One of the schools, Musale Kings Trust School, asked if they could use their award to invest in a project that would bring in money perpetually for the school. After ironing out some details, we granted the request and their investment became a huge success! We've dubbed their investment project "Helping Hens" and consider it an active program!


In March of 2019, Chase had the opportunity to visit all of the schools that benefited from this project! Thankfully, all of the teachers that had been sponsored were still teaching at their respective schools!

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