Every Kid Plays Foundation Grant

March 7, 2018

This past December, SanDStone Initiative, Inc. received grant funding from the Every Kid Plays Foundation to purchase, ship, and deliver $2000 worth of sports and play equipment to the vulnerable children of Livingstone, Zambia. Through unity in sports, passionate play, and healthy exercise, this equipment will foster a stronger, happier, and healthier community in the region and will leave a lasting impact on the lives of all the children we serve, their schools, and in the years to come.


With this grant money, we were able to donate 42 large and 5 small soccer balls (footballs), 2 large ball bags, 240 jerseys, 18+ ball pumps, 60 jump ropes, and 6 swings to more than 8 community centers, schools, and clubs. It was far from an easy process; international shipping, customs, import/export negotiations, contracts, and a ton of logistics went into make this all happen but, in the end, the smiles brought to these children's faces was worth all of that work and more.


From the bottom of our hearts, SanDStone would like to thank the Every Kid Plays Foundation and our Zambian volunteers Kennedy and Rabeccah Mukumbo for their help in making this dream come true.


The following are the schools we distributed to:


- Eastland Football Academy

- Dream Elementary School

- Malota School

- Elicecy School

- Maher School

- Charity School

- Chimilute School

- Little Lambs

- Linda Community School

- Linda Blind Farm school

- Rize School