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May 9, 2018

When we first started out in October 2017, we set out on a mission to reduce social inequities in impoverished regions and countries around the world. Together, with your support, we've managed to do just that by impact an estimated 650-750 lives.


Our main goal in our first few months was to demonstrate that we are an ethical, efficient, and trustworthy organization that was not only capable of caring out what we promised to do, but to do so quickly and efficaciously. Now, after demonstrating our success and building relationships in the international community, we are hoping to enact a more long-term type of change.


Instead of focusing on short-term, single-event interventions (such as our benefit bags and fundraising efforts to buy goods for Eunime), we are reorganizing to effect a more permanent impact through a research, case-study, and needs-based approach. This change will allow us to apply for grant funding from organizations like the National Institutes of Health, the California Endowment, and others, provide a more stable funding environment, and help us reach more people in need on a larger scale. Tangible items (school supplies, clothing, etc.) will still be accepted and distributed to our beneficiaries; these drives just won't be our primary focus.


This new system will also be open to any individual or organization that completes our project submission process. This provides a Launchpad for students, community, leaders, public health professionals, and more to really explore their ideas and see them become a reality without having to go through the expensive nonprofit formation process. Our new submission guidelines involve:


1. Filling out our proposal form. This asks questions about purpose, reach, social inequities, funding, case-study and/or theoretical model support, and more.

2. An interview between the proposer and the Programs Director.

3. Providing a roster demonstrating they have sufficient support to carry out their program.


SanDStone will provide logistical support, help manage and collect donations, analyze data, and publish findings for these programs. The individual proposer though, will be the program's champion and main manager. They will be responsible for applying for grants, holding fundraisers, recruiting volunteers for their project, and executing their program's goals. We believe that a program developer deserves as much credit as they can get and that they should be able to enact their vision as they see fit. By partnering with us, they get access to an international network of resources, enable donors to receive tax-deductions, and have the backing of a registered nonprofit.


Current project proposals include:


Safe Used Needle (SUN) Kiosks in San Diego - We are currently reviewing a proposal to install five (5) used needle kiosks in downtown San Diego, California in areas with high rates of controlled-substance-related crime. The proposed kiosks would have information relating to Narcotics Anonymous meeting locations in the area and free addiction counseling services.


HIV/AIDS Campaign in Northern Mexico - A social-media driven public safety campaign is under consideration that would encourage persons in the Northern Baja California region regarding the dangers of HIV/AIDS and encourage prophylactic measures.


Microfinance Program in Rural & Impoverished Areas - After the success of a previous grant awardee, we are considering developing a grant-based microfinance program that would seek to provide perpetual funding and/or food to schools and communities in rural and impoverished areas. These grants would not require repayment and would require a minimum amount of investment from the recipient.


We'll keep you updated on the progress of these proposals and any new ones as they come up! Thank you for your continued support!


-Chase Whittaker

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