Student Sponsorships

Deployment Locations: Maher School, Grain of Wheat School, Musale Kings


When Chase and Jesse first traveled to Zambia back in 2017, their main mission was to teach kids at a local school called Maher. While they were there, they grew extremely close to many of these kids; almost feeling as if they were their own. Shortly after they returned to the USA, they learned that a few of their students, Martha, Jani, and Chinkumbwe, were at serious risk of dropping out due to financial hardship.

Because SanD/Stone's mission is to improve the quality, accessibility, and sustainability of education for vulnerable children in Livingstone, we felt that it would be prudent to create an emergency fund to cover the tuition for those students who were on the brink of dropping out or who were suffering uniquely difficult circumstances.

All awards are made on a term-by-term basis and are sent directly to the school. The administration team of each of our partner schools is required to provide proof in writing that the sponsored students are actively enrolled.


Since 2017, we have been able to support 7 children at three different schools for a combined total of 78 months worth of education (or nearly 9 school years).

In the interest of privacy, we have de-identified the stories of the following students. Names have been changed.

Jane was the victim of child rape and child prostitution. Her parents died when she was young and had to leave her grandparents' home after the death of her grandfather. At the age of 13, she was living on the streets, travelling from town to town looking for work to earn money for food. Around this time, she was raped twice; the second time leading to a pregnancy. At the wage of 14, she gave birth to a baby girl. Scared and alone, she sought refuge with a local woman that she had often talked to when begging. The woman took her in, but was unable to afford to pay tuition for Jane to go to school.

Three years later, Jane happens upon one of our partner schools, asking if she could clean the classrooms in exchange for some money to buy food for her and her baby. The head teacher listened to Jane's story and asked how she could help. The girl asked if it would be possible for her to attend the school, just so she could learn to read, write, and speak English.

The head teacher reached out to us and requested some help covering the girl's needs (school supplies, HIV/AIDS testing, and food). We jumped at the chance and have enrolled her and her child in the school.

Amelia's parents decided they couldn't take care of her anymore and left her alone in their home; never to return. She was only 10 years old. She remained there until her aunt stopped by the house and discovered Amelia had been abandoned. Amelia's aunt drove her several miles away and adopted her.

Amelia's aunt brought her to one of our partner schools and had her tested to determine her level of education. The school concluded that Amelia had never had a proper education and was completely illiterate. Amelia's aunt reached out to us to see if it would be possible to help with tuition and we happily obliged.

Amelia is now able to read, write, and is doing extremely well in all of her classes.

Moving Forward

There are hundreds of stories like the ones above about children who suffer from circumstances outside of their control and who are unable or struggling to attend school. We hope to continue to provide additional opportunities to other children as donations permit.

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