Volunteer in Zambia

Interested in volunteering with us in Zambia? Our approval process is simple and straightforward!


Step 1: Apply!

Step 2: Submit Requested Documents

Step 3: Done!


When you submit your application, we will contact you requesting your documents. You'll be able to track your progress online using the chart below. Once everything is submitted, you'll be all set to go!

Financial Aid

If you have financial concerns, please let us know and we can recommend some excellent fundraising options and may be able to provide partial scholarships, depending on availability. Please contact info@sandstoneinitiative.com for more information.


*Confidentiality Notice*

Please be advised that all information submitted to us is confidential and will never be sold, distributed, replicated, or otherwise permitted to be reviewed by anyone other than the necessary staff. Your information will be deleted after your trip to further protect your privacy.

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