Raise the Roof

Deployment Location: Musale Kings Trust School, Dambwa District


Completed: July 8, 2019


Musale Kings Trust School is a school we've had the pleasure of working since our beginning. Their head teacher, Sepiso Mbindo, has successfully deployed multiple impressive projects including a large-scale produce and poultry farm. Due to the success of these projects (Helping Hens and Seeds for Success), she has been able to offer nearly half of her students a high quality education tuition-free. Not only are these more vulnerable students able to attend free-of-charge, Sepiso also ensures they get the same school supplies as all the other students and makes sure they have something to eat at snack and lunch time.

Recently, Musale began expanding; building four classrooms, 2 toilets, and 1 shower. This new construction will enable them to double in size from 104 students to over 200. With this increase in enrollment comes an increase in revenue collected from student tuition. Musale anticipates that they will be able to accommodate nearly 100 tuition-free students and be able to build additional classrooms within a few years.

The problem is - the roofs. In order to cap off the four newly constructed classrooms, Musale needs help funding the installation of the roof (about $5,500). The costs for the roof are so high due to the specialized labor, materials, and equipment required for the job.


Musale has demonstrated their impressive ability to grow and manage their funds responsibly and effectively. Once this roof is installed, the school will be able to be 100% financially independent and will be able to grow without further aid in the coming years.

Moving Forward

We are asking for your help in covering the $5,500 roofing cost for Musale. If we are able to cover this for them, they will have enough funds to plaster and paint the classrooms, stock them with chairs, install plumbing, purchase window frames and glass, and hire additional staff at a respectable salary. Covering this last big chunk for them would effectively guarantee Musale's ability to provide low-to-no cost education to hundreds for years to come!

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